Cyclotis for Trados Studio : usage

This plugin is a Trados Translation Provider : it is declared the same way as SDLTM translation memories or Machine Translation providers.

Once it is installed, if you go to configuration of one project, and more precisely in "Translation Memory and Automated Translation", you will see that a new provider is in the list:

Then if you select it the following window will open:

Standard profiles enable to use technical configuration parameters (an URL, or name of host, database, table...). Pre-configured profiles are shortcuts to the parameters you enter the most frequently : look at configuration manual to see how to change them.

Once configured, go to the editor and begin to work. Each time you submit a segment, it is sent to the database. And each time you go to a segment for which there are existing correspondances in the database, including fuzzy ones, they will appear in the matches pane as if they came from a SDLTM memory:

The main difference with SDLTM memories is that more than one person can connect to the same database at same time, and each segment validated is immediately visible to other users. We know that it is possible to share a SDLTM file on a shared drive, but indexes are updated every 20 minutes, while Cyclotis is updated at real time. And it works even via a long-distance network.