Culter now has a test GUI

A new version of Culter library is published today.

This version introduces a new tool called Ensis, which is a graphical user interface enabing to test segmentation rules:

All our formats (SRX, CS[C|E][X|Y]) are supported.

Particularity of this interface is that it is highly multiplatform:

  • If you use CRuby (i.e. standard Ruby version) it will use Gtk 2 (migration to GTK 3 may come later)
  • If you use JRuby (Java) it will use Swing
  • If you use IronRuby (.NET) it will use WinForms (not tested with Mono!)

For the moment this interface is not capable to modify rules. This is a prototype which may become later a full segmentation rules editor.

Download: due to small size and since it has no dependencies on other projects of this web site, this is directly integrated in Culter itself.

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