SQL scripts for Cyclotis republished

This new version of SQL scripts can work without the Postgresql command-line tools (psql, pg_config, createdb...) installed: if they are not present, and provided that you have almost a PostgreSQL 9.1 or later version, they can work entirely with Perl/DBI. This is especially useful when you use a linux distribution, where Postgres client and server are totally distinct packages, or if you want to have the Postgres and HTTP server in distinct machines.

Independently from that, we learnt that in PostgreSQL 13.0 was introduced the notion of trusted extensions. Thanks to that, the requirement to be a superuser to create database disappears. This was a serious limitation for which we did never find a good solution. Now for that reason we recommand PosgreSQL 13.0 or later for using Cyclotis (previous recommendation was 9.2)

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