Culter/Ensis can now browse segmentation rules

Months ago we introduced in Culter a new graphical user interface called Ensis which enabled to test segmentation rules.

It was planned from the beginning that this interface will become a full segmentation rules editor in the future. But that is not a trivial work at all, so we will progress step by step.

Today we go to a new step: Ensis can now display the various elements of a segmentation rules file and enable to you to browse options and sets. And from the main window you can open one or more testers.

Note: from the two tables on the bottom, if you double-click on one value it will open a new window.

But for the moment all of this is read-only: this is not yet a full editor. The version of Ensis which will be used as an editor is in active development. If really you want to test it you can check it out from our Git... but we won't document here in which step we are, this is strictly for developers only.

Download: due to small size and since it has no dependencies on other projects of this web site, this is directly integrated in Culter itself.

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