Cyclotis - Downloads

  • First, choose your favorite CAT tool in the list and download the associated plugins and/or patches:
    • OmegaT client: actually a patched version of OmegaT to access Cyclotis database, in the future maybe a simple plugin;
    • Trados plugin: this plugin is a Trados "translation provider"
  • Servers : here you can download necessary scripts to install a server in your local network. If you don't want or cannot have a server, we also provide here a server in which you can rent space.
    • Database creation:
      • the database schema (requires Postgresql 8.4 or more, 9.2 or more recommanded) and creation script (in Perl) : thanks to the scripts you can create memories in command-line, and include this command-line in your workflow;
      • WEB-REST creator (requires any Perl-compliant web server, and perl-Dancer framework) : in case you want to create memories from distant applications, this web service provides a REST creation API
      • WEB-HTML creator (requires any Perl-compliant web server, and perl-Dancer framework) : a small HTML application to enable users creating memories. This has a poor design because you probably prefer to write your own client using the two previous tools.
    • REST service: enables to use HTTP as a proxy instead of directly access the database (requires any Perl-compliant web server, and perl-Dancer framework);
      both OmegaT and Trados client are already capable of using this interface. Just in case you want to write your own client, you can look here for the API - but preferably extract the documentation from the archive, it is more up to date.