OmegaT patches and plugin

Cyclotis is not a full Computer Assisted Translation tool, but a server designed to be integrated in your favorite CAT interface. As OmegaT is an open source software, we wanted to make the better possible integration. That is the reason why we did not only use the existing API to create a plugin (which should probably be a "machine translation provider", looking a little bit strange) but improved OmegaT's API to introduce new kinds of plugins. So, the OmegaT integration is divided in two parts :

  1. patches to OmegaT (compatible with the last version, actually 5.6) : these patches introduce support for new plugin types, and comes with samples
  2. a plugin based on the previous patches

We will propose our patches to OmegaT team, with the hope that they will be part of future version (5.4 ?). Until this time you are invited to download the modified version of OmegaT in our site. Still not convinced? Have a look to Cyclotis compared to other sharing solutions for OmegaT