Ruber suite started

Ruber suite is the name given for a set of projects written in Ruby. It contains:

Segmentation tool implementing SRX and own format. Segmenter and GUI testing tool are mature, but the editor feature is still in beta.
Works with CRuby, JRuby and IronRuby
A set of filters to convert from/to XLIFF or TMX.
Previously distributed version was an early prototype which did not have a consistent interface to be used with other programs. Version published now contains conversion scripts and can be used as a library, which is mandatory for next projects. That said, the list of supported formats is still very small and it does not yet support tags.
Works with CRuby, JRuby and IronRuby
Long-term translation memory, local storage with indexation. Based on Apache Lucene, works only for JRuby actually.
Elefas Maximus
Long-term translation memory, based on client-server database. This is a rewrite of Elefas Indicus in order to support various input file formats using Spongiae. Tested only for CRuby, actually, but should be ported to other interpreters later.
Unilingual database to store not yet translated documents and try to find similarities, so that you can decide before translation whenever it makes sense to translate them together.

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