Cyclotis as a Translation memory in OmegaT

An external translation memory has a behaviour similar to TMX files which are inside OmegaT's tm/ folder (that's the reason why this is where the properties file should be put) except that it is emulated via a network access. Using Cyclotis in this mode enables a real-time share: if a segment has been added, even after you started OmegaT, it will be visible for you, as if it were a TMX which changed and was reloaded. However, only the current segment is in memory.

If you activate the update mode, which is the default behaviour, each time you validate a segment it is automatically sent to the memory and available to other users in real time.

Now we will explain how to configure this. But before, if you have some doubts, have a look at memory versus project mode.


Either you can install your own database, and eventually a REST service, or you can rent a memory in our hosting service.
Download and install the plugin : as usual, copy the jar in the plugins directory of OmegaT. If you installed the SQL server and want to use a direct connection, also download JDBC driver and put the JAR in the same location.
In the ZIP of the plugin you will find some samples of properties files : look at the ones containing -TM- in the name, depending on the protocol you decided to use, and eventually context, storage and conditions samples for specific parameters. Normally you should keep the "class" parameter as is, and change only the URL (for HTTP) or host+port+database (direct access), then the user and password if required.
Put the file anywhere in the tm/ directory. In OmegaT, results will appear in the matches pane either with the full name of the file, or the contents of "name" parameter inside the file. "penalty" directories are supported - if you put the file in one of them, penalty will be applied to all results. Also putting the file in "auto/" or "ensure/" is supported, but be careful about this point: auto-insertion is only done when the project is loaded, and it will also be re-done every time the project is re-loaded for any reason (such as changing parameters which are totally unrelated to this memory!).