Cyclotis Trados Plugin

This is a Trados "translation provider" plugin permitting connection to Cyclotis database, either directly or via HTTP REST interface. There are two versions for the plugin:

  • Studio 2011 which may also work for any SDL Trados Studio version, but does not support retreiving properties from the environment;
  • Studio 2014 which requires Studio version 11.1.3931.0 (aka Studio 2014 service pack 1) or more, but supports retreiving properties from the environment
  • Studio 2015 which requires Studio version 12.2 (aka Studio 2015 service pack 2) or more, but adds possibility to use Cyclotis as a terminology provider (experimental)

Because Trados was unable to tell us, whenever it is permitted or not to distribute source code based on their API under an open source license, this plugin is under a proprietary but free of charge license. If you want the source code for any reason, please tell us and we can discuss what to do. Now learn how to install, configure and use the plugin in daily work.

Still not convinced? Have a look to Cyclotis compared to other share solutions for Trados