Cyclotis-to-OmegaT plugin

The OmegaT plugin permits to access a Cyclotis database inside OmegaT. You can use it three ways:

All these possibilities are available read-only or read-write (writing occurs after each save), and you also must choose between a direct PostgreSQL access (you must download a PostgreSQL/JDBC provider and also enable port 5432 in your server) or a web/rest interface. These files are not necessary if you download the binary version from OmegaT patches page. On the other hand, they are required if you apply the patches in your OmegaT sources.


Hello, the link to the executable plug-in returns "Page not found"... I'm really looking forward to trying this out!

Hi Sweney

Thanks a lot for your feedback and sorry for the delay. The links are now repaired.
However, please note that this plugin is not yet compatible with the standard OmegaT (i.e. what is published in The reason is that it exploits a new API which I have in idea to submit to them once I receive enough feedback saying that it works.
So, in the meantime my advice is to go in this page instead: OmegaT patches
Here you can download an updated version of OmegaT 4.1 which already includes the plugin. This is not a fork: the idea is that these patches can be tested and integrated in future version of OmegaT (only the updated API, not the plugin).
These patches come with other examples (described in the page, sorry if it is a little bit too long...), so don't hesitate to test them as well, not only the Cyclotis plugin. Feedback will be appreciated.

Thomas Cordonnier

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