Cyclotis is a way to share translation work between translators. It takes the form of a database in which each phrase is immediately saved with its translation once validated, and client plugins for your favorite CAT tools which see it as a translation memory (or, for the most evoluted clients, a project store).

Main advantages (compared to similar solutions for various CAT tools)

  • Open source: you can download and install it for free, and study the sources. The only case you have to pay is if you don't want to install your own server, but take profit of our hosting service instead ;
  • CAT-tool inrependent: actually works for OmegaT and SDL Trados Studio, but potentially with other CAT tools if we can write a plugin. Note that you even can use it to share information between Trados and OmegaT !!!
  • Real-time: when you validate a segment, it is immediately available to your colleagues, not after 5 to 20 minutes as in some other similar solutions
  • Network oriented: only local segments are in memory, and synchronisation uses a real network protocol (faster than sharing using windows share or nfs)

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